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When it comes to aesthetic treatments, every individual is unique in their anatomy, needs and wants. Simplistiq believes that there are no cookie-cutter solutions for everyone, and advocates personalisation to create the best yet simple solution.

Expect a bright, simple, minimal and modern outlook, which mirrors the approach Simplistiq has with our clients; to attain a clean, young and contoured appearance with simple solutions using modern technology.

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Dr. Tan Ying Zhou, medical director of Simplistiq, obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from St George’s, University of London. He further pursued this field by interning in dermatology at the National Taiwan University Hospital. An American Aesthetics Association member, Dr. Tan regularly attends global and local conferences and courses to stay on top of the latest techniques and technology in aesthetics.

Dr. Tan’s utmost expertise lies in the sculpting of the human’s face and body, laser treatments and skincare. Dr. Tan feels that aesthetics can significantly help with one’s confidence and improve their image, so that they can put their best face forward in society and the corporate world. He believes that feeling and looking good can be really simple.

Dr. Tan’s attraction to the philosophy of beauty is not contained only to the medical field; in his spare time, he enjoys contouring and sculpting landscapes within planted aquarium – which explains the majestic 4” aquarium in the clinic. Dr. Tan plans to bring the aquascaping world to the clinic, in the form of a tank inspired by the Iwagumi style. Iwagumi is one of the most challenging styles, represented by minimalism while reflecting the Japanese culture and a love for beauty and simplicity.


  • Staying beautiful can be simple

  • Bespoke treatments carefully crafted just for you

  • A holistic approach to feeling and being gorgeous

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